Last 8th September, the third Environmental Implementation Review (EIR) has been published by the European Commission. The EIR is a key reporting tool that supports, monitors and ensures environmental compliance of Member States through enforcement at EU level. Since its adoption, many Member States have organised […]
Soil is very a complex ecosystem: it hosts several organisms and influences several services and mechanisms, including water quality, food production, and climate regulation. At the same time, soil is a non-renewable resource for humankind and economics (European Commission, 2020). Nevertheless, soils are continuously stressed and […]
The use of technology in all facets of farming is becoming a more popular area for investment. According to Jed Lynch, Head of Americas, Sustainable & Impact Investment Banking at Barclays, “agriculture has traditionally been considered as a mature industry, but we are now witnessing substantial […]
Cristiana Sartori is an organic farmer from Northern Italy who adopts sustainable agricultural practices tocope with the main challenges she encounters in her work: drought caused by climate change, theavailability of raw materials and economic sustainability. Istituto Oikos interviewed her to understand what strategies she uses […]
Today, May 20th, is an important day. The World Bee Day has been established on 2017 by the UnitedNations General Assembly to raise awareness on the essential function of bees for biodiversity and forhuman being. The value of annual agricultural production in the EU directly attributable […]
Given the severity and urgency of the climate crisis, digital innovation applied to emission control and carbon storage processes is enabling new applications for agriculture. Within the Farmbox project, we are building a satellite simulator that aims to architect the ‘virtual’ satellite infrastructure within the agriculture […]
FarmBox Project and its Online Simulator to improve the Climate Smart Agriculture Skills of farmers and future farmers were presented last March 7, 2022 in a session of Space2Agriculture Network on ‘Space-based services and technologies for agriculture in the context of climate change, food security and […]
What is CSA Simulator? The Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) simulator presents alternative scenarios for managing a farmland by describing current management practices and alternative future management scenarios. The tool addresses mainly future farmers, students, expert farmers, farmers’ associations and organizations that are interested to acquire CSA-related […]
Can you present yourself and Istituto Oikos?I am Martina Spada and I am the Program coordinator for European projects in Istituto Oikos.Our organization is a non-profit established in 1996 operating in Europe, Africa and Asia to safeguard biodiversity and promote sustainable lifestyles. In 26 years, Istituto […]
At the end of January and beginning of February, we had the Second Transnational Meeting ofthe FarmBox Project in Milan, hosted by Istituto OIKOS. However, this meeting had something special. Due to the difficulties that arose due to the Covid-19, all partners decided that it would […]
Can you present yourself and The Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania? My name is Edvardas Gedgaudas. I am director of Lithuanian Cattle Breeders Association. Our association is member of The Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania. We are very proud to […]
Natural areas represent half of the territory of the European Union and are essential for the conservation of biodiversity, on which our survival depends. Yet, in recent decades, intensive agriculture and the progressive abandonment of rural areas have led to a rapid, continuous decline of many […]
This month we are going to discover more about the FarmBox project and its genesis by meeting TXORIERRI, our Spanish partner. Can you present yourself and TXORIERRI? Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri is a co-operative society that was founded in 1979. Since 2007 it has been increasingly committed […]
The 17 Dicember 2021 the FarmBox Project will be presented during the online event titled “The digital transformation of VET in Erasmus+”. The event is organised by the Italian National Agency Inapp who is responsible for monitoring VET policies. During the event, prof. Francesco Marinello, PI […]
The success of FarmBox is in the Consortium’s composition, which has been created following the project activities and taking into consideration the experience of Partners during Covid-19, their expertise on the topic, their networks and/or degree of target groups’ representativeness, their interest on Climate Smart Agriculture […]
The new Horizon Europe research and innovation programme (2021-2027) has launched five European Missions to bring concrete solutions to some of the greatest  societal challenges. The Missions have been designed by five Mission Boards which gather together top experts from different disciplines and by citizens’ contribution […]
In 2016, agriculture covered about 40 % of EU land, with larger concentration of agricultural lands in Spain, Italy and Germany and employed 22 million people in the EU farming system. The productivity of EU agriculture has increased significantly since 1950, mainly as result of intensification […]