Today Uptoearth GmbH team took part to the Medium Term Review Meeting of the ESA Kick-start project CORE.

CORE – Carbon Organic Resilient Ethereal is a Kick-start project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) started in October 2022 with a 6-month duration aimed to create an index to map and classify soils according to their capacity to store ethereal and resilient carbon to facilitate carbon farming initiatives and investments.

The project final result is an open-source map of three piloted lands in Italy, Croatia and Germany which will classify carbon storage capacity of soils according to the SCENARIO Index. This new index classifies soils based on their capacity of store Ethereal Carbon, Organic Carbon and Resilient Carbon.

During the event where a representative of ESA assessed the state of art of the project also FarmBox project has been presented!

Yet, how do the two projects are connected?

FarmBox is currently developing an online simulator to help students and farmers test in a virtual enviroment good practices connected with Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) that they have learnt in the MOOC (IO1). As soon as FarmBox is finished, Uptoearth is planning to further develop the Simulator, not only for training purposes, in order to be calibrated according to the SCENARIO index and help farmers to simulate the impact of some agricultural practices in terms of carbon storage.

In this way, FarmBox will feed CORE and ensures the further exploitation and sustainability of its results.

A snapshot of the CORE MTR where FarmBox project has been presented


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