FarmBox Project and its Online Simulator to improve the Climate Smart Agriculture Skills of farmers and future farmers were presented last March 7, 2022 in a session of Space2Agriculture Network on ‘Space-based services and technologies for agriculture in the context of climate change, food security and climate change policy’.

Space2Agriculture is the INNOSpace® Network launched by the DLR Space Administration to provide a platform for communication between the space sector and agriculture.

It aims to build and strengthen cross-industry networking, identify new opportunities for commercialisation, launch new technological collaborations, initiate joint projects, exchange with other sectors and promotion of innovative products and processes through technology transfers.
Space2Agriculture is aimed at companies, universities, research institutions, organisations and authorities in the fields of space and agriculture.

During the event, UTE, member of the network, presented the FarmBox project to the community and explained the main functionalities of the CSA Online Simulator.
The audience provided a positive feedback about the Simulator, not only for the innovative application of space data to agriculture, but also because its potential impact on training of farmers.

FarmBox Project @ Space2Agriculture INNOSpace® event, March 7, 2022
The CSA Online Simulator of FarmBox project presented @ Space2Agriculture INNOSpace® event, March 7, 2022


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