On March 30, 2023 in the framework the Global Navigation meets Geoinformation conference 2023 (GNMG 23), Uptoearth GmbH had the opportunity to participate at the ESA BIC Hessen Space Business Bootcamp and present our FarmBox Project.

Participants, mainly startups, companies and experts of the space sectors, were engaged in discussions about the contribution of earth observation to improve the resilience of farmers to climate change. They all agreed about the crucial contributions that this technology can play for agriculture and two key aspects have arisen:

Informed decisions: most of the experts highlighted that satellites provide valuable data and information about weather patterns, soil moisture, and vegetation health. With this information, farmers can make more informed decisions about when to plant and harvest crops, how much water and fertilizer to use, and how to manage pests and diseases.

Monitoring activity: earth observation can also help farmers monitor the impacts of climate change, such as droughts and floods, and take proactive measures to adapt to these challenges. By using satellite imagery and other earth observation technologies, farmers can enhance their ability to cope with the impacts of climate change and ensure the long-term sustainability of their farms.

In addition to discussions, participants were invited to “experience” FarmBox results: to make the session more interactive, the FarmBox’s MOOC was transferred in the Metaverse and participants were invited to join it. After that, they accessed the Online Simulator.

The event highlighted the importance of earth observation technology in improving the resilience of farmers to climate change, and the FarmBox Project is making significant contributions in this area.


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