In 2016, agriculture covered about 40 % of EU land, with larger concentration of agricultural lands in Spain, Italy and Germany and employed 22 million people in the EU farming system.

The productivity of EU agriculture has increased significantly since 1950, mainly as result of intensification and specialisation. Nevertheless, intensive agricultural productions are unsustainable and can cause land degradation,  loss of nutrients and biodiversity, decreased water quality and water scarcity, and ultimately contribute to GHGs and air pollutants’ emissions.

Several initiatives (EU strategy on adaptation, New Green Deal, Common Agriculture Policy) aim to support farmers and helping tackle climate change and the sustainable management of natural resources. In this sense, Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is an innovative approach which contributes to the goals of making sustainable development concrete.

FarmBox project is aimed at improving the development of CSA skills for students and farmers in order to generate awareness about challenges of climate change and sensitize them about CSA benefits.

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