🌾 Join us in commemorating World Soil Day 2023, a day dedicated to the foundation of life – our soil! This year’s theme is “Soil and Water, a Source of Life.”

Soil and water, the dynamic duo that sustains us, are facing unprecedented challenges due to climate change and human activities. It’s high time we shift our focus to sustainable soil management practices.

🌿 FarmBox is at the forefront of developing Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) skills. In a world grappling with climate change, this project aimed to create awareness and sensitize both students and farmers about the benefits of CSA. 🚜

✨ Project Highlights:

🌐 Two-year duration.
πŸŽ“ MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on CSA for beginners and advanced users.
πŸ–₯️ Online Simulator allowing users to virtually experience the impact of CSA measures on a specific area.
πŸ† Recognized as “Good Practice”: FarmBox has been acknowledged as a “Good Practice” within the Erasmus+ program.

🌱 Take Action: Embrace the essence of World Soil Day and subscribe to the FarmBox MOOC. Dive into the world of Climate Smart Agriculture and utilize the Simulator to witness firsthand the positive changes on your virtual farm.

Let’s nurture our soil, protect our future, and celebrate the life that stems from the ground beneath our feet! 🌍🌾 #WorldSoilDay #FarmBoxProject #ClimateSmartAgriculture #SustainableFarming


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